About Eternal Healing Ayurveda

About Mona Bhatt, Founder Certified Ayurvedic Counselor & Practitioner

Hello and Welcome, my name is Mona Bhatt of Eternal Healing Ayurveda in Boston, MA. Eternal Healing Ayurveda emerged over the years from my lifelong mission to help rejuvenate the mind and body of those with illness or discomfort. It is my wish and the mission at Eternal Healing Arts to share the beauty of my healing art and help people discover the passion that drives them in life and create a continuous renewal of mind, body, and soul.

I utilize the natural principles of Ayurvedic healing to manipulate the body energy with my hands, and employ massages infused with holistic herbs to deliver targeted relief to pain areas. My education and training has taken me across the globe, with credentials from Kerala Ayurveda Institute and Dhenwantri Kerala Ayurveda in India.

Ayurveda has been important throughout my life.

I was fortunate to be born into a family that believes and regularly uses natural, holistic remedies to help ease the pains that can be experienced in life. This knowledge is held in high regard in my family, with grandparents teaching younger generations through the sharing of Ayurvedic principles in nature. As a child, I can remember my grandmother curing migraines in the family with a pinch on the forehead. Her approach was to make medicine with natural plants and herbs to treat stomach aches, fevers, and other sickness.

My Education in Ayurvedic Practices and Holistic Health.

I have since continued my journey with Ayurvedic healing from my Grandmother’s kitchen to receiving my Ayurvedic Counselor and Practitioner Certification from Kerala Ayurveda. I received my certification in Swedish Massage therapy from Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurveda in Mumbai, India. The massage therapy and Ayurvedic healing disciplines complement one another, helping me interpret pain signals from the patient and their body, and create a customized healing treatment regimen that employs a number of specialties to deliver satisfaction and healing.

My experiences with the healing power of Ayurveda and integrative health.

My passion came into focus through helping my mother regain health and independence after suffering from a stroke. With the power and dedication from the family, we used Ayurvedic herbal massages and a holistic Ayurvedic diet to help heal after the stroke.

Through this experience I saw many other people suffering from physical and emotional situations, and the passion to reach out and help others led to the founding of Eternal Healing Ayurveda—to share the holistic benefits of Ayurvedic practices with the people of Boston and the world.

My focus has developed to helping those across life's journey.

Looking to the other end life’s journey, and through extensive learning the intricacies of infant and mother, I have earned my certification in Prenatal Massage Therapy and Postnatal Treatments for Infant/Mother. Ayurvedic treatments for mother and baby can improve blood flow to the fetus in utero, as well as promote the health of the mother carrying the baby.

My journey continued learning various ways to heal and treat others holistically, eventually leading to certifications in Medical Assisting as well as Medical Interpretation after arriving in the US. My passion has grown to focus on helping people at all stages of life, where I have been able to help comfort patients in hospice care. During my career I have had experience working with dementia patients and other age-related degenerative diseases.

The Power of Healing Henna in My Life.

I never realized how ingrained henna would be in my life and the true potential until I came to the US. Henna has grown immensely in popularity over the years, in part due to Madonna exposing it worldwide. I have never stopped working with henna since the age of 8, and my understanding of the medicinal properties and the henna practice have grown throughout my life. I am ready to take the art of henna to the next level with the inherit healing properties of the henna pant for Cancer Survival.

About Healing Henna in My Life Henna Artistry for Celebrations and Restorative Health Benefits.

Henna has been an integral part of my life, growing deep roots from an early age. Being a very artistic and curious child, I began learning henna by watching and emulating others at family events. At the age of 8, I was practicing henna with my family and friends during weddings and other parties!

My passion and experience with henna designs over the years coupled with my holistic knowledge of the body enables a truly unique healing experience. I work to utilize the natural benefits of the henna plant through healing henna treatments. Herbs and other natural products can be incorporated for the specific ailment.

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